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Sagittarius Eye is the Galaxy’s leading news network —  created by Commanders, for Commanders.

With a history of publishing excellence, a top-notch team of talented contributors, Galactic reach, and peerless coverage and insight, Sagittarius Eye is your indispensable companion to the Milky Way.

We are Sagittarius Eye — we see all…



Souvarine is an experienced field reporter. He writes about current affairs, galactic politics and discovery. His Sidewinder-class press ship, the Salty Weasel, can often be spotted in the heat of the action, ferreting out the story.

Wilfrid Sephiroth

Wilfrid Sephiroth is a jaded spacer guided by the disenchanting purpose to uncover the false ‘awesome’ for the mundane it really is, and to reveal the interesting kernel of seemingly-trivial events and happenings. He flies his Asp Explorer, the A.E. Van Vogt, around the Bubble, always looking for the next Big Story. Usually, it’s the Big Story that finds him first.

Louis Calvert

Louis Calvert enjoys nothing more than exploring the facts behind a mystery and getting to the ‘truth’ of the matter. Not disciplined enough for a career in the Sciences and not dedicated enough for a career in Law Enforcement, his only recourse was to become a journalist. He can be found chasing a story in his battered Cobra, the Hot Needle of Inquiry.



Commander Rasudin’s articles have been called ‘conspiracy theories,’ but he prefers to call them ‘unrecognized truths’. His Asp Explorer, the Bumbling Wasp, is difficult to find but often turns up where it is definitely not supposed to be.


A qualified astrophysicist, experienced combat pilot and member of Paradigm, Mini_Watto can usually be found in San Tu duelling with Commanders from all walks of life. Constantly tinkering with the pride of his fleet, the Fer-de-Lance Ichor, he aims to pass on some of his knowledge to readers and increase the popularity of modern combat sport.

R. Sharpe

A grizzled trader who has been following market trends and elusive profits in the Bubble since his teens. This veteran of the Radio Sidewinder Crew has turned to writing for SAGi in the hope of alleviating the effects of Space Madness brought about by excessive numberhandling at the commodities market.

Dr Noesis

As a former scientist, Dr Noesis is driven by the need to learn and understand the universe around him and to share what he finds with others.  From learning about the physics of witchspace, to the best temperature to brew your coffee (and why) he travels the galaxy aboard his trusty Diamondback Explorer, the Fiat Cibus, his only destination: knowledge.

Lexic Meise

Lexic Meise is a seasoned explorer and investigator. Having managed to keep up with the developments with the Thargoids and Guardians since their discovery, he can usually be found investigating the Pleiades sector or Synuefe for more information regarding the two races in his trusty Imperial Courier, the Nox Expiscor. When he is not investigating strange occurrences out in the black he can usually be found at his old bounty hunting grounds in Zaragas in his combat vessel, the Nox Invictus.


Whitmann is uncomfortable in the third person.



An imperial agent of influence and propaganda, his persuasion skills are treasured by many clandestine corporations and mustachioed dictators. He is often their guest of choice at some luxurious, over-the-top imperial villa, hedonistically enjoying something expensive and usually illegal. In between the assignments, he gives in to his other passion: being an avid nebulae explorer and gas giant photographer.


A veteran explorer, researcher and designer, Mat2596 spends most of his time out in uncharted space, finding sources of inspiration for his posters. As an honorary member of multiple factions throughout the galaxy, his artwork and designs can be found in most parts of colonised space. His ship of choice—the trusty red Corvette FNS Paladin Olympus—can be often found flying around the Pleiades Nebula, which he has begun to call home when not out in the black.


A common sight around the Pleiades, ferrying cargo in his Keelback, DanIRW takes up his hobby of making artwork when on breaks during longer journeys and spats of exploration.



The trucker, turned ace racer, turned video editor formerly known as Cmdr Gerbilz is back on the scene. Creating quick and snappy edits for the SAGi crew.


Some people call him the space cowboy, some call him a gangster of love. Nobody calls him Maurice. You don’t want to know what his missus calls him.

Maximilian Reach

Max made his riches through trading, like his dad (assassinated by unknown) taught him. After getting into trouble with the empire and having lost his left eye in the process, he escaped into the dark of the Milky Way. He made his way to Beagle Point when very few did, only to come back after Jaques Station was found to aid in his rescue. He used his vast funds to finance the start of the new colony out in the black for a second chance for mankind itself. No more war. No more bickering over territory, no more superpowers….what a great investment! And now he is back with a vengeance and joined the reporters of SAGi to uncover the truth about the world, his father….and himself.  



As an Alliance diplomat of his group Aid, Commander Ulon has played a role in many important negotiations. Today he also works for SAGi. Onboard his Python, the ASC Ambassador, he carries out critical missions in the name of peace.


Zack J White

Graduating in 3300 by the Federation of Pilots and dispatched to Trevithick Dock of the LHS 3447 system, in the following eight months he explored unknown systems and then returned to the Bubble to study and graduate as scientific officer for the Alliance. Since then he has been studying the traces left by the Guardians, the Thargoids biology and working with the Tethys Empire Crew.

Edelgard von Rhein

An explorer and Buckyball racer, Edelgard von Rhein seldom remains in one place for very long. She has a keen interest in the search for life and has contributed frequently to the Galactic Mapping Project, as well as attempting to track down some of the mysteries of deep space, especially those relating to the Formidine Rift and the Thargoids. Around human-occupied space she mostly flies the Beyond Twilight’s Veil, a versatile Python.

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