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Chocolate, check. Candles, check. Fire suppression system disabled, check. Wine, check. Romantic music, check. The latest issue of Sagittarius Eye, check. Oh Asp-chan, it’s just you and me out here in the black without anyone to disturb a wonderful evening. I'll find a nice M-class star to fill you up later.
Be sure to read the eighteenth issue of Sagittarius Eye with your favourite ship!

SAGi Issue 18 Cover

Issue #18: February 3305

Breaking Rocks: Our Beginner's Guide to Mining


Ghost Ships
Xeno Combat Guide
Danksgiving Expedition
Space Lingo

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In issue 18, we head out to find some rocks and learn the ins and outs of mining, dig into a smuggling expedition to Colonia, explore the history of Alioth, the capital of the Alliance of Independent Systems, send some intrepid reporters out to find AI ghost ships, head to the Lakon shipyards to have a look at a Keelback, dive deep into the tactics used by the Thargoid Interceptor, look back at a creature that caused a plague until 3200, and more!

Issue 18 Livestream

On Sunday, February 17th at 7pm UTC we’ll be holding a livestream on our Twitch channel to highlight some articles from issue 18. We’ll be interviewing some of our article writers and staff to give you an inside look at Sagittarius Eye. Be sure to tune in and keep an eye out for special guest announcements on our social media channels.

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We’re looking for artists to join the team and help produce the best magazine in the Galaxy. Any artists that are interested can visit our Join Us page where you’ll find a link to our working Discord server. Please note that we are a fandom group with no paid positions.

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Our next issue will be released on Thursday, March 14th. Until then, treat your favourite ship to some extra special TLC!


Craig Uchuu
On behalf of the Sagittarius Eye team

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