All Sagittarius Eye positions are unpaid. However, you’ll be joining one of the most, exciting, dynamic and fast-growing teams in the Elite Dangerous community, and creating brilliant content with talented and fun people!

We work from the Sagittarius Eye virtual offices – click here to apply for any of the below roles.


Our operations division is currently recruiting starship pilots to help keep our space a safe, secure and prosperous haven for free speech and independent journalism!

The background simulation (BGS) is one of the most complex parts of the game. Come and learn it with guidance and support – or, if you’re experienced at manipulating the levers of interstellar economics and politics, come help us master the mechanics and set our objectives.

Sagittarius Eye is based in the Millese system. Come join us for objective-driven gameplay in a great community, and you’ll be helping to keep our space free, safe and independent.

Video Editor

We are looking for two more editors for our in-universe video news Bulletins. Applicants need to be able to:

  • Set up an Alpha channel / Chroma key config to implement our premade intro (.pds or .avi, depending on your software)
  • Set up and level multiple video and audio channels
  • Use linear and eased fades for the intro/outro following our pre-scripted timetable
  • Create .png thumbnails from our .PSD assets via photoshop/
  • Deliver a reliable and quick workflow for scheduled releases