Issue #5 January 3304

The Thargoid War – State of emergency

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Lead Designer: Mat2596
Writers: Louis Calvert, Rasudin, Mini_Watto
Image Design: Mat2596, Krillakov, Otherbuttons
Website: Chetan1987
Thanks to: Anthor and EDSM, PanPiper, Ulon, Camisade, Greytest, Frontier First Encounters.

Issue #4 December 3303

The Alliance – Who Are They?

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Design Editor: Chetan1987
Writers: Louis Calvert, Edelgard von Rhein, Whitmann
Design: Mat2596, Krillakov
Advertisements: Ulon
Cover design: Qohen Leth
Thanks to: Kermit Laphroaig and the Diamond Frogs, Madcat, Lavigny’s
Legion, Federal Reclamation Co.

Issue #3 November 3303

INRA – Heroes or Villains

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Design Editor: Chetan1987
Writers: Rasudin, Louis Calvert
Design: Mat2596
Thanks to: Ulon, Erimus Kamzel, MacrosTheBlack, Whitmann, #TAGER
X, Monolith Preacher, Lave Radio, Lavigny’s Legion, Dark Echo, Federal
United Command, Federal Reclamation Co, Iridium Wing

Issue #2 October 3303

Flying with CMDR Allitnil – An Interview

Yuri Grom and the EG Pilots – Wannabe overlords or humanity’s guardians?

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Executive Editor: Whitmann
Editors: Aura Lorell, Souvarine
Designer: Chetan1987
Contributors: BlackmailGnome, Rasudin, WilfridSephiroth
Thanks to: Andrew Gaspurr, Canonn, Children of Raxxla, Fuel Rats, Lexic, Mat2596, Radio Sidewinder, Sacra Oculus, SEPP, Ulon

Issue #1 September 3303

THE RETURN: Who The Hell Are The Thargoids, And What Can They Possibly Want?

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Executive Editor: Whitmann
Design and Web Magic: Chetan1987
First Team Squad: Alot, BlackmailGnome, Danny Vega, Ephergie, Jonuss, Lexic Meise, Mat2596, Morrenwell, Phoenix_Dfire, Rasudin, Skullmaster, Souvarine, Ulon, WilfridSephiroth.
Thanks to: Alistair Hope, Aura Lorell, Dezent, DJ Truthsayer, Dr. Strange, Floober364, GR=YT=ST, Iconoclypse, Kancro Vantas, Lave Radio, MondoPotato, Mossfoot, Qohen Leth, Shabooka, StarfireIX, Steven

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