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BRC Presents: The Seven Sisters Speedway!

After months without activity, the Buckyball Racing Club (BRC) has announced a new competitive event for Pilots’ Federation Commanders: The Seven Sisters Speedway. This race, taking place from the 13th to the 20th of July, is a classic Buckyball, requiring participants to blast off to various destinations in the titular…
Sagittarius Eye
July 16, 3305

Powerplay report – Cycle 215

Saboteurs and special interests exerted their dangerous influence across the powers last week, threatening Dictator Yuri Grom, Shadow President Felicia Winters, and CEO Li Yong-Rui with loss-making expansions and difficult decisions.   While the Shadow President was able to take control of HIP 50489 despite significant opposition, with over 1…
Sagittarius Eye
July 15, 3305

Thargoids retreating from core systems

In a recent development that has surprised the Galaxy, the Thargoids have recently ceased their advancement through the core systems in the Bubble. Thargoid activity still remains in the Pleiades Nebula, however all Non-Human Signal Sources have completely vanished within the bubble. Pilots speculate this might have something to do…
Sagittarius Eye
July 13, 3305

Fuel Rats hit 60,000 rescues

On the 4th of July 3305, representatives from the Fuel Rats announced that they have completed 60,000 rescues of stranded Pilots’ Federation commanders. This 60,000th rescue was carried out by Cmdr NivisOwl.    This is just the latest in a series of milestones the Fuel Rats have accomplished since their…
Sagittarius Eye
July 12, 3305

Reorganization shifts Imperial power

Recent fleet reorganisation has led some of the auxiliary forces of the Empire of Achenar to seek new patrons in the wake of changing operations. Representatives from all involved factions have denied rumours that this reorganisation was driven by internal difficulties in the Emperor’s power, instead focusing on hopes that…
Sagittarius Eye
July 9, 3305

Powerplay report – Cycle 214

Imperial forces took the upper hand last week, with an important victory in HIP 44811 and the start of a major reorganisation for Senator Zemina Torval's domain.   Steady opposition of HIP 44811 by Imperial forces was capped late Wednesday with a merit bomb — merits held until the end…
Sagittarius Eye
July 7, 3305