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Issue #7 March 3304

Revisiting the Modern Prometheus
Alliance Chieftain
Lave:Pivotal System of the Old Worlds
Shadow Galaxy
..and much more.

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert
Head of Art and Design: LexMoloch
Reporters: Rasudin, Mini_Watto, Dr Noesis, Whitmann
Design: LexMoloch, McNicholl, Zaclobsterboy
Artwork: DanIRW, LexMoloch, Mat2596, Zaclobsterboy
Cover Design: Zaclobsterboy
Group Submissions: Ulon
Photographers: Diacarb, Jarminx, Zack J. White, Edelgard von Rhein
Thanks to: The 9th Legion, Lavigny’s Legion, freepic.com, Captain
Skoomer and Zech, MattG, Marx, VicTic, Oblivion Fleet,
the Screaming Eagles






Aegis Support Carriers on Station in HIP 21559 and Irandan
- by Louis Calvert

The Aegis support carriers Vanguard (HIP 21559) and Acropolis (Irandan) remain on-station in both systems offering repair, rearming and mission services…

To Save: HIP 21559 or Irandan?
- by Louis Calvert

Thanks to the work of Aegis and members of the Pilots Federation, it seems that it’s now possible to predict…

Sagittarius Eye Bulletin – Traffic Surge In Empire Systems
- by Sagittarius Eye

Traffic between the Ngalinn and Mainani systems has rocketed in recent days, as efforts by Aitvas Corp., Ngalinn Jet Natural…

Cmdr Mist0 Discovers Three Earth-Like Worlds in One System
- by Sagittarius Eye

While on the Pilot’s Federation mapping project Perseus Survey Commander Mist0 made a startling discovery; Three Earth-Like moons orbiting a gas…

17 hours ago
Aegis Support Carriers on Station in HIP 21559 and Irandan https://t.co/DdzYdvVR8r The Aegis support carriers Van
1 day ago
To Save: HIP 21559 or Irandan? https://t.co/7W6KyOfDlH Thanks to the work of Aegis an
2 days ago
Sagittarius Eye Bulletin – Traffic Surge In Empire Systems https://t.co/Uh67a8LatB via IFTTT
5 days ago
Wait no longer: issue 7 of Sagittarius Eye is here! https://t.co/k49OpFBrNh
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6 days ago
Today in History – Anniversary of visionary theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s death https://t.co/oB0G2apw96 Today the galaxy observes




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