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Issue #6 February 3304

Sirius Corp – Profits Before Pilots?
Canonn – Terrorists and Warmongers?
Timeline – Three Trailblazing Years
In The Shipyard – Rumoured Ships For 3304
…and much more.

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert
Reporters: Rasudin, Mini_Watto, Lexic Meise, R. Sharpe, Dual Eclipse
Design: LexMoloch
Artists: Mat2596, LexMoloch, DanIRW
Cover Design: LexMoloch
Group Submissions: Ulon
Photographers: Diacarb, Khelthos, Edelgard Von Rhein
Thanks to: Federal Reclamation Co., Qohen Leth, Fett_Li, McCaslin, Mackenheimer, Lavigny’s Legion, the 9th Legion, DJ Truthsayer, Elite Racers, Buckyball Racing Club, Operation IDA, [AID], the Elite Dangerous Wiki.

2 hours ago
The wait is over. The February issue of Sagittarius Eye is available NOW! Get your own copy here: https://t.co/k49OpFBrNh
1 day ago
And finally here's the cover of Issue 6 of Sagittarius Eye, available for download TOMORROW from any space station or outpost in the Bubble! (or on https://t.co/k49OpFBrNh). https://t.co/IyLx3eJQSh SAGi_Magazine photo
3 days ago
Another article preview from Issue 6, to be published on te 17th of February. This is going to cause a stir... https://t.co/pr4Bb5AuN8 SAGi_Magazine photo
5 days ago
Here's a sneak peek of our cover story for the February issue, which will published on Saturday the 17th! https://t.co/yU2749ukQn SAGi_Magazine photo
7 days ago
Felice Dock, Meene - Almost no ship traffic at Guardians expert Ram Tah's home system. It appears that so far only a few hundred Cmdrs have answered to his call for ancient relics to conduct more research. https://t.co/tLsXqdHcko SAGi_Magazine photo
1 week ago
We have Trumbles in the wiring folks! We have moved to a new web address and for Trumble-related reasons the redirect from our old address is intermittently failing. Please visit our great new site directly: https://t.co/3dL3Pr8rvg. The February issue will be coming SOON™... https://t.co/8a0nt2yYRE SAGi_Magazine photo

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