Issue #14: October 3304

Powerful Women

Distant Worlds 2
Space Music
Unknown Permits
Top Pilot
New! Comic: Gnosis – Stranded

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Chief Editor: Souvarine
Art Editor: LexMoloch
Editors: Adurnis, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto
Senior Designer: McNicholl
Layout Designers: Donald Duck, LexMoloch, McNicholl
Writers: Adurnis, Bluecrash, Buanzox, Icarus Maru, J C Warren, McNicholl, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto, The_Thargoid, Souvarine
Front Cover Art: Ian Baristan
Back Cover Art: Rubbernuke
Senior Artist: Ian Baristan
Artists: Ian Baristan, Rubbernuke, ToCoSo
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Photographers: DasExorcist, JOKERGOD2000, Nickweb85, OrangePheonix, Sebastian Wehmeyer, StarFox, Zer0axis, WDX
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Issue #13: September 3304

Powerful Women

Thargoid Supporters – Alien Capabilities
Fuel Rats – Fashion
Co-Pawlot – John Graham
The Challenger – Ground Assaults

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Chief Editor: Souvarine
Editors: DrNoesis, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto, Rasudin
Art Editor: LexMoloch
Writers: Allen Stroud, Icarus Maru, J C Warren, Jessica Sonnet, McNicholl, Michael Darkmoor,
Mini_Watto, Rasudin, Souvarine, The_Thargoid
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Senior Designer: McNicholl
Layout Designers: Donald Duck, LexMoloch, McNicholl
Senior Artist: Ian Baristan
Artists: DMC_RULEZ, Ian Baristan, ToCoSo
Front Cover: Jessica Sonnet
Back Cover: DMC_RULEZ
Photographers: Donald Duck, Iolair Uaine, Ky Vatta, LexMoloch, Malic_VR, McNicholl, Nickweb85,
OrangePheonix, Psyren Farseer, Rubbernuke,
SebastianWehmeyer, Smyorin, StarFox, Twospoons77, ZerOaxis
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In association with the SPVFA

Issue #12: August 3304

Special Edition: SPVFA

History of Rocketry
State of the Empire
The Third Race
Krait Mk II
Bad Science
Commander Pingmonster

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Editors: DrNoesis, Souvarine
Art Editor: McNicholl (Acting)
Writers: Alexander Sepulveda, DrNoesis, Elmrod Balaster, Rasudin, Louis Calvert, Mini_Watto, JC Warren
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Designers: LexMoloch, McNicholl, Hans Olo, Donald Duck
Artists: DMC_Rules, Ian Baristan, Drnoesis, ToCoSo, Rubbernuke
Front Cover: Ian Baristan
Back Cover: Ian Baristan
Photographers: Raphael Vespertilio, Chamarande, Theonewithnolife, Pingmonster, OrangePheonix, Tolaak, Sebastianwehmeyer, Nickweb85, Psyren_Farseer,
Michowes, Korvla, Starfox, Timbo Taze, JaeSynthetik, Zer0axis, Iolair Uaine, Zacmck, Hvacker
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Thanks to: Nasa Image Library, HRSchmitt (DeviantArt), Cmdr Pingmonster, Toxophilite
In association with the SPVFA

Issue #11: July 3304

Top Guns: Gladiators of the CQC Arena

Buckyballers – The Big Three – The Empire – Co-Pawlet
Distant Worlds 2 – Credits and Wealth – An Introvert in Open

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Editors: DrNoesis, Michael Darkmoor, Rasudin, Souvarine
Art Editor: LexMoloch
Writers: Alexander Sepulveda, DrNoesis, Icarus maru, J C Warren, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto, Souvarine
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Designers: LexMoloch, Liam Keating, McNicholl
Artists: DanIRW, DMC_RULEZ, DrNoesis, Ian Baristan, LexMoloch, ToCoSo
Front Cover: DMC_RULEZ
Back Cover: DanIRW
Photographers: Drewbeedoowhop, DrNoesis, Hvacker, Iolair Uaine, LexMoloch, McNicholl, Nickweb85, OrangePheonix, Paige Harvey, Sebastian Wehmeyer, Starfox, TheSupremLeader, TolaakGrohiik, Zer0axis
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In association with the SPVFA

Issue #10: June 3304

Onion Head

Halsey – Obsidian Ant – The Rares Trade – Summer 3304
Federation – Lave – Zombie Thargoids – Fat Bottomed Girl

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Editors: DrNoesis, Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Art Editor: LexMoloch
Writers: Alexander Sepulveda, DrNoesis, J C Warren, Louis Calvert, McNicholl, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto, Rasudin, Wilfrid  Sephiroth
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Designers: LexMoloch, McNicholl
Artists:DanIRW, Ian Baristan, ToCoSo
Front Cover: Moozipan
Back Cover: ToCoSo
Photographers: Craig Uchuu, DavidCooper, McNicholl, Michael Darkmoor, Nickweb85, OrangePheonix, SebastianWehmeyer, StarFox, Tolaak Grohiik
Thanks to: Allen Stroud, NASA, Obsidian Ant, Buckyball Racing Club, PvP League, Interstellar Mining Union, PrimeTime Casual, Han Zen
In association with the SPVFA

Issue #9: May 3304

Generation Ships: Sombre Beacons Of Humanity’s Dreams;
Exploration: Where Do We Go From Here?
Conquerors Of Worlds: The Planetary Circumnavigation Club;
Ships You Don’t Fly: Asp Scout;

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert
Art Editor: LexMoloch
Writers: Alexander Sepulveda, DrNoesis, Labufon, Louis Calvert, McNicholl, Rasudin, Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Designers: LexMoloch, McNicholl
Artists: DanIRW, Ian Baristan, LexMoloch, McNicholl, ToCoSo
Front Cover: Ian Baristan
Back Cover: ToCoSo
Photographers: Craig Uchuu, Danfox, OrangePheonix, SebastianWehmeyer, Valorful, Zer0axis
Thanks to: Alec Turner, Altsain, Labufon, Mark P. Dorling
In association with the SPVFA

Issue #8 April 3304

Crime in 3304

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert, Whitmann
Art Director: LexMoloch
Writers: DrNoesis, Louis Calvert, Michael Darkmoor, Mini_Watto, Souvarine, Whitmann, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Designers: LexMoloch, McNicholl, Zaclobsterboy
Artists: Danirw, Ian Baristan, ToCoSo, Zaclobsterboy, Mat2596
Front Cover: ToCoSo
Back Cover: Ian Baristan
Group Submissions: Ulon
Photographers: Edelgard Von Rhein, Icarus Maru, Jarminx, Zack J White, Whitmann
Thanks to: Mesafalcon and The Screaming Eagles, Qohen Leth, Yanick, Mat2596, Elite: Lore, The Dead End’s Circumnavigation Expedition Members

Issue #7 March 3304

Revisiting the Modern Prometheus
Alliance Chieftain
Lave:Pivotal System of the Old Worlds
Shadow Galaxy
..and much more.

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert
Head of Art and Design: LexMoloch
Reporters: Rasudin, Mini_Watto, Dr Noesis, Whitmann
Design: LexMoloch, McNicholl, Zaclobsterboy
Artwork: DanIRW, LexMoloch, Mat2596, Zaclobsterboy
Cover Design: Zaclobsterboy
Group Submissions: Ulon
Photographers: Diacarb, Jarminx, Zack J. White, Edelgard von Rhein
Thanks to: The 9th Legion, Lavigny’s Legion,, Captain
Skoomer and Zech, MattG, Marx, VicTic, Oblivion Fleet,
the Screaming Eagles

Issue #6 February 3304

Sirius Corp – Profits Before Pilots?
Canonn – Terrorists and Warmongers?
Timeline – Three Trailblazing Years
In The Shipyard – Rumoured Ships For 3304
…and much more.

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth, Louis Calvert
Reporters: Rasudin, Mini_Watto, Lexic Meise, R. Sharpe, Dual Eclipse
Design: LexMoloch
Artists: Mat2596, LexMoloch, DanIRW
Cover Design: LexMoloch
Group Submissions: Ulon
Photographers: Diacarb, Khelthos, Edelgard Von Rhein
Thanks to: Federal Reclamation Co., Qohen Leth, Fett_Li, McCaslin, Mackenheimer, Lavigny’s Legion, the 9th Legion, DJ Truthsayer, Elite Racers, Buckyball Racing Club, Operation IDA, [AID], the Elite Dangerous Wiki.

Issue #5 January 3304

The Thargoid War – State of emergency

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Lead Designer: Mat2596
Writers: Louis Calvert, Rasudin, Mini_Watto
Image Design: Mat2596, Krillakov, Otherbuttons
Website: Chetan1987
Thanks to: Anthor and EDSM, PanPiper, Ulon, Camisade, Greytest, Frontier First Encounters.

Issue #4 December 3303

The Alliance – Who Are They?

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Design Editor: Chetan1987
Writers: Louis Calvert, Edelgard von Rhein, Whitmann
Design: Mat2596, Krillakov
Advertisements: Ulon
Cover design: Qohen Leth
Thanks to: Kermit Laphroaig and the Diamond Frogs, Madcat, Lavigny’s
Legion, Federal Reclamation Co.

Issue #3 November 3303

INRA – Heroes or Villains

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Editors: Souvarine, Wilfrid Sephiroth
Design Editor: Chetan1987
Writers: Rasudin, Louis Calvert
Design: Mat2596
Thanks to: Ulon, Erimus Kamzel, MacrosTheBlack, Whitmann, #TAGER
X, Monolith Preacher, Lave Radio, Lavigny’s Legion, Dark Echo, Federal
United Command, Federal Reclamation Co, Iridium Wing

Issue #2 October 3303

Flying with CMDR Allitnil – An Interview

Yuri Grom and the EG Pilots – Wannabe overlords or humanity’s guardians?

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Executive Editor: Whitmann
Editors: Aura Lorell, Souvarine
Designer: Chetan1987
Contributors: BlackmailGnome, Rasudin, WilfridSephiroth
Thanks to: Andrew Gaspurr, Canonn, Children of Raxxla, Fuel Rats, Lexic, Mat2596, Radio Sidewinder, Sacra Oculus, SEPP, Ulon

Issue #1 September 3303

THE RETURN: Who The Hell Are The Thargoids, And What Can They Possibly Want?

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Executive Editor: Whitmann
Design and Web Magic: Chetan1987
First Team Squad: Alot, BlackmailGnome, Danny Vega, Ephergie, Jonuss, Lexic Meise, Mat2596, Morrenwell, Phoenix_Dfire, Rasudin, Skullmaster, Souvarine, Ulon, WilfridSephiroth.
Thanks to: Alistair Hope, Aura Lorell, Dezent, DJ Truthsayer, Dr. Strange, Floober364, GR=YT=ST, Iconoclypse, Kancro Vantas, Lave Radio, MondoPotato, Mossfoot, Qohen Leth, Shabooka, StarfireIX, Steven

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