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Podcast 28

September 3306
Voyages to the Galactic Limits

  • Voyages to the galactic limits
  • Stations you’ve never been to
  • A lone wolf’s guide to conflict zones
  • The degenerates: white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes
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Impressum for Podcast 28

Editors and Writers

Editors: Adurnis, Lee Lockhart, Mack Winston
Articles by: Ariri, Jonathan Burnage, M. Lehman and Mack Winston
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank
Cover image: OrangePheonix


Featuring the voices of: Catisfaxion, Kai Zen, Rheeney, Moogyver and WranglerActual
Audio Editing: Wotherspoon
Music: Dustin ‘MidNyte’ Driscoll, ToCoSo

Other departments

Website and Bot Manager: 147loch
Assistant Webmaster: Buanzox
Community Manager: Zbigniew “Ziggy” Czachor

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