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Issue 24

August 3305 - The Winking Cat

Lagrange Points
Straight Lines
Life on Airless Worlds
The Rochester Family
Mawson Dock
Carina Constellation


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Impressum for Issue 24

Editors and Writers

Chief Editor: Souvarine
Senior Editor: Adurnis
Editors: Adurnis, Mack Winston, Souvarine
Writers: Andrew Gaspurr, Coriander Salamander, Eros Madelung, LordTyvin, Mack Winston, M. Lehman, Souvarine
Proofreaders: Millstonebarn, VerticalBlank


Art Editor: McNicholl
Designers: Donald Duck, McNicholl
Cover Artist: EvelynX
Artists: McNicholl, Craig Uchuu


Photography Director: OrangePheonix
Photographers: OrangePheonix, Punkydrummer01, Zer0axis, NickWeb85, McNicholl, IvanBystrov, Baxder, Tolaak Grohiik, Sebastian Wehmeyer, Donald Duck

Other departments

Website and Bot Manager: 147loch
Assistant Webmaster: Buanzox
Office Managers: Craig Uchuu, Icarus Maru
Assistant Office Manager: Ulon
Community Manager: Zbigniew “Ziggy” Czachor

Thanks to

Thanks to: Acrothdragon, Bert MacGyver, DW2 Geology Department, Elite Dangerous Wiki, Heisenberg6626, MadRaptor, The Galactic Mapping Project
In association with the SPVFA.

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Background pictures: Baxder, TwoSpoons77 and Zer0axis