April 3307

Issue 35

  • Thargoids and the AXI
  • Admiral Vincent’s trial
  • Personal plasma weapons
  • Wot I fly
  • Stations you haven’t visited
  • Erimus Kamzel

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Impressum for Issue 35

Editors and Writers

Editors: Adurnis, Lee Lockhart, Mack Winston, Souvarine
Writers: Ariri, M. Lehman, Rendak Soro, Souvarine
Proofreader: VerticalBlank


Art Editor: LexMoloch
Designers: Donald Duck, LexMoloch, McNicholl, Nickweb85
Front and back c
over art: DMC_RULEZ


Head of Photography: OrangePheonix
Photographers: Exorcist, Nickweb85, OrangePheonix, Zer0axis

Other departments

Website and Bot Manager: 147loch
Community Manager: Zbigniew “Ziggy” Czachor

Thanks to: Brother Sabathius, Darth_Vader, Emulated Penguin, Erimus Kamzel, Father Bill, Frontier, Gambit, Gluttony Fang, Griðr Vorsdottír, Katie Byrne

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