About Sagittarius Eye

Where are issues 28-34?

Issues 28-34 were released as podcasts only.

Can you feature my player group?

Probably! We focus on player-driven stories — what players themselves get up to in Frontier’s sandbox. So we like to interview and feature player groups and will continue to do so. However, we have to prioritise according to the space and time available, so we tend to look for groups whose activities impact a wide sample of players, who improve the game for everyone, who have achieved extraordinary things, or who are doing something unique.

I have a story. How can I tell you about it?

Great! Please let us know via the submissions page on our website. Make sure you have a look at our submissions guidelines beforehand.

I think you’ve got something wrong in one of your articles. How can I bring it up?

We try hard to make sure everything we publish is correct at the time we write it, but we don’t always get it right. We welcome polite corrections. Please drop an email to [email protected].

Can I get the magazine in my language?

Currently Sagittarius Eye is an English-language magazine. We’ve had a lot of requests for localisations, and we’d love to be able to do it — but it’s not as simple as just asking someone to translate it.

The translated articles would need to be laid out by the designers all over again, as the paragraphs would be different lengths — effectively doubling our work.

Do you publish fan fiction?

No, generally we don’t. There is plenty of really brilliant fan fiction elsewhere in the Elite community, so we focus on roleplay journalism instead.

Is Sagittarius Eye official lore?

No, Sagittarius Eye is a fan-made publication. Frontier is not involved with its production at all. However, we try not to contradict or embellish existing Elite lore.

Why is it hard to read on my platform?

Fundamentally, PDFs are more of a pain to read on screens than HTML. There’s no getting around that, sadly. We don’t want to go down the webpage route, though, because there are many excellent Elite websites out there, and being a magazine is core to our identity.

We have looked at many, many accessibility options, and settled on web PDF (better for landscape-style screens like monitors), mobile-format PDF (better for portrait-style screens like mobiles), print and podcast. Hopefully at least one of these suits your preferred device.

Why do you offer print copies?

We’ve been asked by readers ever since we started for print copies — it is probably the most common request we hear. Also, we feel quite strongly that print — something you can hold in your hands — is the natural and ideal way to enjoy the magazine, so it’s something we’ve always wanted to do for ourselves. We have traditionally printed and posted a copy of each issue to Frontier, and they tell us that they really enjoy having the physical object. Sadly until now we haven’t been able to find an economical solution for offering this more widely.

Can I get a print copy?

Yes! Happily, we have now found a way to offer print copies of the magazine. Small-batch printing and global postage is very expensive, though, which pushes the cost up considerably. However, the option is there should you want it. Head to our Patreon page to receive a print copy every month.

How do I join the Sagittarius Eye team?

Please send a note to [email protected], introducing yourself and explaining what role you see yourself contributing in. Please also include a relevant sample of your work. If you’d like to write for the magazine, a sample of any sort of writing will do — it doesn’t need to be Elite-related. Please note that Sagittarius Eye is a volunteer organisation.