Utopia and Brotherhood of Terra Mater sign peace treaty

The Brotherhood of Terra Mater (BoTM) and Utopia have finalized a treaty ending their conflict in Terra Mater and Utopia’s NLTT 6655 control sphere.    Terra Mater, a permit-restricted system, is most notable for its sale of Blood Bores, a rare trade good known to be a powerful physical stimulant.…
Sagittarius Eye
August 6, 3305
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War in Terra Mater

For the second time this month, Terra Mater is at war — the continuation of a long conflict that suggests, as pilots arrive from across the Galaxy, a significance greater than the agricultural system’s twenty-five million inhabitants and four stations might suggest.   Located on the edge of Utopian space,…
Sagittarius Eye
May 26, 3305

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