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War for Hutton Orbital

This week, war has erupted in a peculiar spot. The famous outpost Hutton Orbital is contested by members of the Sirius Corporation. The Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-operative, who are under threat of being ousted from control, have engaged the megacorporation in battle to defend their home.   The sudden conflict…
Sagittarius Eye
May 25, 3307
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New galactic crossing record

Yet another galactic crossing record has fallen to humanity’s relentless drive to surpass its own limits. Commander JJGoldberg has smashed his own record of ten hours and thirty minutes for crossing from the southernmost to the northernmost points of the galaxy.   After that run, he took some time to…
Sagittarius Eye
May 19, 3307

Pilots mobilise to aid human exclaves

The sudden reemergence of Thargoid attacks in several human exclaves has led to a rapid mobilisation of pilots from all over the galaxy. The attacks have damaged a total of ten star ports across three regions. This includes the Coalsack Nebula, California Nebula and the Pleiades, the historic center of…
Sagittarius Eye
May 18, 3307
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Public comms, April 3307

Hello commanders!   We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sagittarius Eye Magazine will be returning to the Elite galaxy later this month. Our next issue, #35, will release on PDF and podcast on Friday 23rd April.   Since we took a breather last year our team has enjoyed some…
Sagittarius Eye
April 16, 3307
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Fuel Rats 100k rescue prize

The Fuel Rats, the galaxy’s premiere roadside assistance service, are about to hit the incredible milestone of 100,000 rescues completed. As such they’re organising a poster contest and encouraging artistically-minded pilots to create something to commemorate the event.  Fuel Rats manifesto The Fuel Rats were founded in 3301 by Surly…
Sagittarius Eye
December 3, 3306
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Speedbowl IV – New Grounds

  With a weekend of ludicrous speed behind them, the Galactic Speedbowl Association has offered a short retrospective of the event Speedbowl IV - New Grounds, which took place on HR 6164 ABC 2 on the weekend of November 21st and 22nd.   Throughout the weekend forty pilots found their…
Sagittarius Eye
November 26, 3306
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Speedbowl IV

The annual spectacle of Speedbowl IV — the fifth iteration of this high-gravity, high-speed, high-stakes race — is just around the corner. Taking place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November, at HR 6164 ABC 1 (also known as ‘The View’), this is the first player organized race event…
Sagittarius Eye
November 13, 3306
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Memorial for Operator83

The members of the Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla (BIG) group are sad to announce that they have lost a dear friend and fellow Commander, 37-year-old Commander Operator83 (known as Zoka).   Zoka was one of the original members of BIG. He was a proud Imperial warrior who answered the first call…
Sagittarius Eye
November 11, 3306
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Release pattern changes at Sagittarius Eye

Hi everyone After a lengthy ‘consultation’ phase of discussions and navel-gazing, we’ve decided to change how we release our content.  For the first two years (24 issues), we released our magazine monthly. This period (late 2017 to late 2019) was an exciting time for Elite Dangerous, with lots of new…
Sagittarius Eye
September 7, 3306

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