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The Border Coalition disbands

Three years after its bid to attain galactic power status, The Border Coalition has dissolved. Founded in 3302 as a “populist movement on the frontier,” The Border Coalition was initially composed of three permanent members: The Winged Hussars, Communism Interstellar, and The Mercs of Mikunn. The Kuun-Laan, an independent feudal…
Sagittarius Eye
September 20, 3305

Guardians of Harmony and others join Communism Interstellar

Cmdr Jane Turner, representative for Communist Interstellar (CI), has announced that several new communist governments have joined CI, including the Guardians of Harmony, a communist faction governing 54 star systems. Communist organisations under CI’s umbrella include Communism Interstellar Union, Interstellar Communist Union, and Egovii Union.   Negotiations between CI and…
Sagittarius Eye
June 19, 3305

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