Three years after its bid to attain galactic power status, The Border Coalition has dissolved. Founded in 3302 as a “populist movement on the frontier,” The Border Coalition was initially composed of three permanent members: The Winged Hussars, Communism Interstellar, and The Mercs of Mikunn. The Kuun-Laan, an independent feudal faction headquartered in HIP 105408, acceded to the Treaty of the Border Coalition in late 3302. The Winged Hussars left the coalition in 3304.


Cmdr Walt Kerman of the Mercs of Mikunn explained that:

“For the past year, the full members of the Border Coalition have been concentrating their efforts on parallel projects. As a result, a decision has been taken to formally disband the Border Coalition.”


Despite a strong effort to win support in 3303’s Dangerous Games, The Border Coalition lost to the EG Union, which ushered Dictator Yuri Grom onto the galactic stage. The dissolution of the Border Coalition follows only weeks after EG Pilots’ announcement that they would be redirecting efforts away from support of Dictator Grom’s domain.


Kerman’s announcement comes three months after the creation of a wider Coalition “no longer exclusive to independent factions on the border of civilization” by full Border Coalition members Mercs of Mikunn and Kuun-Lan, as well as other major independent governments including SSL Interstellar PLC and Celestial Light Brigade. Former Border Coalition associates Jolly Cooperators, and Outer Rim Outcasts are also members.


Communism Interstellar, which recently accepted a number of new members including the Guardians of Harmony, has opted not to join the new Coalition.


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