Reorganization shifts Imperial power

Recent fleet reorganisation has led some of the auxiliary forces of the Empire of Achenar to seek new patrons in the wake of changing operations. Representatives from all involved factions have denied rumours that this reorganisation was driven by internal difficulties in the Emperor’s power, instead focusing on hopes that…
Sagittarius Eye
July 9, 3305

Powerplay report – Cycle 214

Imperial forces took the upper hand last week, with an important victory in HIP 44811 and the start of a major reorganisation for Senator Zemina Torval's domain.   Steady opposition of HIP 44811 by Imperial forces was capped late Wednesday with a merit bomb — merits held until the end…
Sagittarius Eye
July 7, 3305

Front lines report

These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion. Incursions on Carpaka, Hoff, HIP 12155, Medzist, Rasaste and Wakandiini have been cleared. As previously reported, systems Harrigi, Veja Deng, Shoki Yine, Serktomes, Lokipi and Jataya had been targeted by the Thargoids, as indicated by the Eagle Eye system. Serktomes was…
Sagittarius Eye
July 6, 3305

Powerplay report – Cycle 213

Cycle 212 saw action return to the Simyr bubble, though with more hauling and less shooting than before. Because of Zemina Torval’s expansion to the nearby system of Dechengh, Simyr is now no longer the jewel it once was. Of the powers, only Shadow President Felicia Winters can make a…
Sagittarius Eye
July 3, 3305

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