The Event Horizons interdimensional and gravimetric study facility in Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 started operating on the 27th of June 3305, along with the megaship DSSV Distant Worlds. Located in the center of the galaxy, the science relay will, in the words of Commander Darkmoor of the Rock Rats, “enable us to observe high-detail changes to the gravimetric field surrounding Sagittarius A*”.


The Community Goal that enabled the construction of both the megaship and the science relay occurred during the DW2 expedition in March 3305, with 2,812 pilots contributing a total of 2,367,428 tonnes of material. Three months later, both are operational. In fact the DSSV Distant Worlds has already planned for a number of research studies. The Pilots’ Federation, however, has declared a number of stipulatory rules:

      • It should visit no more than 6 locations during its journey
      • It should travel no further than 1,500 LYs max distance from the Explorer’s Anchorage
      • Each hyperjump cannot exceed 500 LYs
      • Each jump will occur on a fortnightly basis


With those rules in place, the following list of scientific points of interest, matching jump numbers have been established as the megaship itinerary:

    1. Origin Point: Binary Star System (Stuemeae FG-Y d7561)
    2. 3 light years: Supermassive Black Hole (Sagittarius A*)
    3. 497 light years: Neutron Star (Myriesly HR-N E6-3640) – (Jocelyn’s Star)
    4. 275 light years: Notable Stellar Phenomena (Myriesly CL-P E5-7383) – (Storms of Fenrisulfur)
    5. 208 light years: Notable Stellar Phenomena (Myriesly HR-N E6-4354 – (Blink of an Eye Remnant)
    6. 372 light years: S-Class Giant Carbon Star (Phua Aub VM-W D1-91) – (Merrill’s Legacy)


We congratulate the Pilots’ Federation on these achievements and look forward to the knowledge they will provide to humanity.

Commander Erimus Kamzel has indicated it is necessary for pilots to “honk” the system for the megaship to appear, wherever it is located at the time.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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