• Empire

    Nova Imperium conquers Yupini

    The isolationist group Nova Imperium has taken control of the Yupini system.   At the Battle of Paresa in January…

  • Combat

    Infighting within the Empire

    Conflict broke out between two Imperial Pilots Federation groups this week.   Simyr, a system of planned expansion for Arissa…

  • Empire

    ‘Nova Imperium’ no more

    GalNet has informed the Galactic community of the death of Kaeso Mordanticus, the self-styled ‘Imperator’ of Nova Imperium, an isolationist…

  • Empire

    Senators Death Linked To INRA and Jameson Family

    Further to the death of Imperial Senator Nestor Cartesius last week, connections are being drawn to the defunct Intergalactic Naval…

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