A member of the Pilots’ Federation, Commander Berkay Bakunin, has reached the coveted rank of Elite V in no fewer than five disciplines. They are believed to be the first in the galaxy to do so; at the time of writing we have not been able to find record of any other pilot achieving this.

Cmdr Bakunin reached Elite rank in the field of Exobiology on August 17th, as well as Elite II in Exploration. They then reached Elite V in Trade by selling minerals from their fleet carrier, and Elite V in the Mercenary field by lending their services in planetside combat zones. On October 16th they reached Elite V in Exploration after focusing on only F-type stars and analysing only Earth-like, Water, Ammonia and terraformable worlds.


After reaching Elite V in Exploration Bakunin focused on Exobiology again, prioritising thin water atmosphere worlds, as the plants found on those proved particularly valuable. Once Exobiology was at Elite V Bakunin devoted their attention to raising their Combat rank, and reached Elite V in that field on October 30th.


Cmdr Bakunin plans to release a guide for other Pilots’ Federation members, to help them achieve the same accolade. They are a member of the Turkish Galactic Empire squadron.


“I want to say thanks to my squadron and Cmdr Jjgoldberg from here. They encouraged me to achieve this,” Bakunin told us.


From the Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team. Images courtesy of Cmdr Berkay Bakunin.

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