Front lines report

These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.   Thargoid forces have amassed in three systems in the Pleiades star cluster, and a further system — Maia — has seen localised Thargoid attacks.  Maia hosts professor Ishmael Palin’s Research Centre, which has ceased research operations. No services are available…
Sagittarius Eye
July 19, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 207

The Federation’s push continues, with both the President and Shadow President taking control of systems at the end of cycle 206 and both preparing systems for expansion in 207. Winters took control of Lula for 44 Command Capital (CC), while Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135 now gives Hudson an extra 40CC,…
Sagittarius Eye
May 21, 3305
Current AffairsExploration

Omega Mining Initiative

As part of the plan of the Distant Worlds 3305 expedition, on 17th January 3305 The Omega Mining Corporation requested deliveries of raw materials for a new Orbis starport. This is to be built in the heart of the galaxy. Independent CMDRs have equipped their ships with mining tools to…
Sagittarius Eye
January 17, 3305

Breaking News Returns

We are proud to announce the return of our Breaking News service, reporting on Galactic events immediately and as they unfold. We’ve decided that our video department’s outstanding talents are better spent on longer-form, documentary-style videos. This will allow us to cover specific topics in more depth than could be…
Sagittarius Eye
January 14, 3305

Senators Death Linked To INRA and Jameson Family

Further to the death of Imperial Senator Nestor Cartesius last week, connections are being drawn to the defunct Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm and the widely-known Jameson family. According to GalNet, Captain Seutonia of the Imperial Internal Security Service has indicated that near the Senator's body there was a note reading:…
Sagittarius Eye
April 28, 3304

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