Operation IDA Announces Malthus Terminal Successfully Repaired

Operation IDA Announces Malthus Terminal Successfully Repaired
March 15, 3304 Sagittarius Eye

Operation IDA has announced the completion of repairs on Malthus Terminal, Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-41.

The refinery starport located in the Pleiades Sector is the second station to be repaired with the help of the initiative. Through a coordinated effort, more than a hundred pilots delivered over one million tons of commodities required for the repair of the station.

Another great achievement – Malthus Terminal has been completed! This will give us another refinery to work with in the Pleiades. Our next target is Hudson Observatory in HIP 17694

– Cmdr Ninj, 14th March 3304

Repairs on Malthus Terminal began on 25th January, well over month after it had been attacked by Thargoids. Following the successful repairing of The Oracle on the 27th (we reported) Operation IDA concentrated ressources on this station.

Cmdr Ninj estimates that with an operating refinery in the region the repair process of other damaged stations will be accelerated by up to 33%. At this point there are still twenty damaged stations in need of repair following Thargoid attacks; Malthus Terminal marks the third star port to be repaired after The Oracle and Obsidian Orbital.

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