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War for Hutton Orbital

This week, war has erupted in a peculiar spot. The famous outpost Hutton Orbital is contested by members of the Sirius Corporation. The Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-operative, who are under threat of being ousted from control, have engaged the megacorporation in battle to defend their home.   The sudden conflict…
Sagittarius Eye
May 25, 3307

Ratraii Conflict Rises

There is a growing conflict within the Colonia bubble. The group known as the Colonia Legionnaires, with its main motto being to protect Colonia and its residents, is actively being attacked at the time of writing by a collective of commanders called Loren’s Reapers.   The Reapers have made a…
Sagittarius Eye
September 30, 3305

Lupus Dei come out of the shadows

A small, elite squadron of pilots loyal to Federation President Zachary Hudson has claimed responsibility for several large, covert assaults on supply lines within rival Powers, taking place over the last few weeks. In the last week of March this year, the covert group Lupus Dei claim to have intercepted…
Sagittarius Eye
April 19, 3305

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