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Biscuit conflict crumbles on

Since our last story about the conflict that has erupted in recent weeks between Ed’s 38 and Nu Simbad in Colonia, Nu Simbad have contacted Sagittarius Eye to clarify their position.    Cmdr Havoc235 asserts that, far from Nu Simbad being the aggressors in Mobia, “ pushed Simbad to war…
Sagittarius Eye
May 19, 3306
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Biscuit Battle in Colonia

Tensions are rising in the Colonia region as a skirmish between two neighbouring factions, Ed’s 38 of Dubbuennel and Fart Auri’s Nu Simbad, has escalated.   Earlier in 3306 Nu Simbad, also being referred to by some media outlets as Simbad the Bad, invaded the cooperative’s home system, closing down the biscuit…
Sagittarius Eye
May 17, 3306

Sidewinder solos Medusa Thargoid

On the 7th of January, 3306, Commander Maligno pulled off the daring feat of taking down a Medusa class Thargoid Interceptor solo in a Sidewinder. This impressive task was the first ever solo of a greater-class Thargoid, albeit done planetside, thus no Thargon swarms were deployed.   The fight itself…
Sagittarius Eye
January 26, 3306

Thargoids Return!

In an event that has caused alarm throughout human space, reports of Thargoids returning in the newly-won Witch Head enclave have been confirmed.  Casualties in these systems have been significant, and several key assets are left severely damaged in their wake. Local authorities have appealed to the galactic community for…
Sagittarius Eye
January 25, 3306

Ratraii Conflict Rises

There is a growing conflict within the Colonia bubble. The group known as the Colonia Legionnaires, with its main motto being to protect Colonia and its residents, is actively being attacked at the time of writing by a collective of commanders called Loren’s Reapers.   The Reapers have made a…
Sagittarius Eye
September 30, 3305
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Introducing Elite Community Combat Events

A new online forum for pilots is now open.    Elite Community Combat Events (ECCE) is a chat server to promote pilot versus pilot (PvP) combat events, help guide new pilots into the world of PvP, and aid in fostering communication to help established PvP groups to organise events.  …
Sagittarius Eye
August 8, 3305
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War over Robardin Rock

War has broken out in the Carcosa system as Explorers' Nation seeks to reclaim control of Robardin Rock from the faction currently in charge, The Nameless.    The Nameless captured the asteroid station from Explorers' Nation in April this year, enjoying significant support from Pilots’ Federation group Loren’s Reapers —…
Sagittarius Eye
July 24, 3305

Lupus Dei come out of the shadows

A small, elite squadron of pilots loyal to Federation President Zachary Hudson has claimed responsibility for several large, covert assaults on supply lines within rival Powers, taking place over the last few weeks. In the last week of March this year, the covert group Lupus Dei claim to have intercepted…
Sagittarius Eye
April 19, 3305
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Freelancers Alliance face backlash

Following a campaign of alleged forced recruitment, several groups of Pilots Federation members are in conflict with the Freelancers Alliance, a squadron based in the Xiri system. A coalition specialised on pilot versus pilot combat called ‘PAX’ has been formed by the groups The Chaotic Good and The Altruists, and…
Sagittarius Eye
April 16, 3305

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