Fallen Commander Expedition Returns

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The 18th of March marks the official end of an expedition to Colonia and back in honor of the fallen commander, Brutal Deluxe.

After years of battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, the Commander passed away while attended by his friends and family. The expedition set out from Barnard’s Star on March 14, 3304 to retrace several of Commander Deluxe’s first discoveries along the route, with Colonia as its mid-point.

The Sovereignty provided on-going video coverage for the entire expedition and memorial service held at Miller Port.   

Iridium Wing pilots contributed to the memorial with a fly-by of the ‘Missing Man Formation’ in tribute to him.

Commanders wishing to retrace this expedition’s path and pay their respects to Commander Brutal Deluxe and his discoveries can obtain the waypointsAs a result of the expedition, the thoughts of many across the Galaxy are with Commander Deluxe’s family in this sad time.


Date: 18th March 3304

Location: Oochorrs YB-K c25-2

Headline: Fallen Commander Expedition Returns

Author: Michael Darkmoor


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