Edmund Mahon, Prime Minister of the Alliance, successfully expanded to Harima, with minimal opposition. This profitable system is Mahon’s 132nd, placing the size of his domain far beyond any other power. The Prime Minister has no expansion this cycle.

The Emperor’s commanders proved unable to secure Simyr in the face of steady opposition from Federal United Command. Her forces prepared HIP 38747, where expansion triggers strongly favor the opposition.

Princess Aisling Duval successfully took control of Perktomen, ending uncertainty in this popular region which was once controlled by Shadow President Winters. As her logisticians were focusing their efforts on securing her expansion, her forces voted to consolidate — there will be no expansion in the Princess’s name this week.

Dictator Yuri Grom exited turmoil in a strong position, but was unable to prevent the revolt of Cholhou, a break-even system over 126 ly from Clayakarma, the Dictator’s headquarters. As Grom was in turmoil last week, he was unable to either prepare an expansion or consolidate.

The Federation President found a profitable control system last week, successfully expanding to 14 Geminorum in the face of strong opposition from ZYADA (the coalition of Empire powers and Yuri Grom). This week, Hudson will attempt to take Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135, which exploits Nurundere, a system that revolted last month. Multiple attempts to reclaim this territory have failed, but Hudson benefits from a favorable expansion trigger here.

Admiral Denton Patreus’ attempt to weaponize against the Federation via LP 838-16 was rebuffed at the last minute by Federal pilots. His forces have levied another threat: Morai, which heavily contests President Hudson’s operations in the Alpha Fornacis sphere.

Simguru Pranav Antal had no expansion last week and elected to consolidate.

SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui is also in a quiet period, having had no expansion last week and no successful preparation. Last cycle a boondoggle preparation unsanctioned by the Board followed hot on the heels of an attempt to prep Inovandar, in the former Nurundere sphere. SiriusGov commanders were able to prevent either unwanted preparation from moving into the expansion phase.

Senator Zemina Torval struck a grievous blow last week, securing Hiradhea after several attempts. Hiradhea contests a significant amount of the Shadow President’s command capital. As Winters seeks to rebuild, she will struggle to afford these losses.

Conflict between Archon Delaine and Dictator Grom in Atata continued last week, with the Kumo Crew once again losing their expansion. There is little doubt that war will return to this system soon.

Shadow President Felicia Winters had no expansion last week and consolidated, stalling her recovery efforts as the dust stirred by Operation Valentine continues to settle.


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