While the Alliance had no expansion last cycle, Prime Minister Mahon‘s forces successfully prepared Xiriwal, another system lost by Shadow President Winters as a consequence of Operation Valentine.

The Emperor was not able to find victory in HIP 38747. Her forces were able to prepare Simyr for another expansion attempt. Triggers here favor the opposition, but leave her pilots with better odds than they faced in HIP 38747.

Dictator Yuri Grom had no expansion last week, having just exited turmoil. His forces did not opt to prepare an expansion either. With no expansion of their own, his commanders may direct their attention to the President’s expansion in Mombaluma, which contests several of the Dictator’s exploited systems.

The Princess‘s forces remain powerful in the field, even as expansion opportunities have begun to appear exhausted. Aisling Duval had no expansion last week, and her forces did not prepare one for this week. However, they successfully busied themselves alongside their allies in opposition to Hudson’s expansion in Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135.

President Zachary Hudson failed to expand to Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135. Late in the cycle, his forces reactively prepared Mombaluma to overcome preparation shipping by Admiral Patreus in Segais. Mombaluma and Segais both claim the vacuum left by Minmar, a former Winters control system. Both are strong weaponized expansions threatening powers in this core region of Federation space.

Utopian Simguru Pranav Antal had another quiet week, with no expansion and no preparation. His forces will continue to ship dissidents quietly this week.

SiriusGov CEO Li Yong-Rui had no expansion last cycle, but was able to prepare a rare opportunity: Hyades Sector EB-X D1-110. This sphere, recently controlled by Shadow President Winters, is dominated by corporate governments. Accordingly, Sirius will benefit from favorable expansion triggers this cycle.

Admiral Denton Patreus did not find victory in Moirai, and his attempts to prepare another incursion into Federation space were blocked by Hudson’s forces. If the Admiral’s forces wish to make another attempt at Segais, they will have to defeat Hudson this week in Mombaluma.

Shadow President Felicia Winters did not have an opportunity to expand last week. However, her forces prepared Albicevci. This profitable sphere contests Senator Zemina Torval considerably. Control of this region was abandoned by the Senator some months ago; the Shadow President has begun to cast a wider net when targeting new expansions, moving beyond territory lost in Operation Valentine.

Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew had no expansion last week, and war has not returned to Atata this week. There is always next week.

Senator Zemina Torval has no expansion this week, and had none last cycle. Her economy faces serious threats on two fronts, with both the President and the Shadow President working to take new control spheres that will cost her dearly.


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