In recent weeks, a prominent minor faction and the scientific leader in the war against the Thargoids, Aegis Research, has come under attack from a coalition of Pilots’ Minor Factions (PMFs). Led by the faction Sirius Inc and the squadron of the same name, they have seized assets in Aegis’ home system of Delphi (once known by the ungainly designation “Pleiades Sector IR-W D1-55”), including Donar’s Oak, an Ocellus starport where Aegis’ HQ is located. Sirius has also taken control of The Oracle in that system, an Orbis starport well-known for being one of the first targets of the Thargoid invasion.


Stanislav Facebreaker, Director of Operations for Sirius Interim National Council, spoke to Sagittarius Eye on the matter. He described Aegis as “the shadowy organization that is supposed to help fight Thargoids but doesn’t”, and said that Sirius Inc. is working with a coalition from the Pilots’ Federation Dangerous Games known as GalCop (short for Galactic Cooperative, which is a reference to a powerful faction present in the Bubble from the late 27th to late 32nd centuries). “This effort was spearheaded by Sirius Inc and their allies EX99, The Diamond Frogs, Galactic Pathfinding Group, and others who wish to remain anonymous”, Facebreaker said.


As of this reporting, Sirius Inc has a presence in seven systems also occupied by Aegis Research, and currently holds controlling influence in five of those systems.


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