Nova Imperium conquers Yupini

The isolationist group Nova Imperium has taken control of the Yupini system.   At the Battle of Paresa in January 3305, Nova Imperium’s armada was defeated by Imperial loyalists led by the corporate faction Yupini Limited. Their leader, self-styled ‘Imperator’ Mordanticus, was captured in the battle and executed by Denton…
Sagittarius Eye
May 22, 3305
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Infighting within the Empire

Conflict broke out between two Imperial Pilots Federation groups this week.   Simyr, a system of planned expansion for Arissa Lavigny-Duval, was the first of two systems to play host to the conflict. Lavigny’s Legion (LL) and the 13th had both been patrolling the system.   On the 12th of…
Sagittarius Eye
March 17, 3305

‘Nova Imperium’ no more

GalNet has informed the Galactic community of the death of Kaeso Mordanticus, the self-styled ‘Imperator’ of Nova Imperium, an isolationist rebel faction purporting to restore traditional Imperial values, defend the Empire against the Thargoids, and end cooperation with the Federation and Alliance. After seven days of imprisonment, having been captured…
Sagittarius Eye
January 26, 3305

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