The Anti-Aegis ERR Group Bans Thargoid Sensor (UA) Bombing

The Anti-Aegis ERR Group Bans Thargoid Sensor (UA) Bombing
May 3, 3304 Sagittarius Eye

Over the past month, a group known as ‘Expose Resist Rise’ (ERR) have come together with the stated goal to oppose Aegis, based on accusations of atrocities.

Part of this plan apparently included the mass delivery of Thargoid Sensors (UA) to Aegis stations in order to shut them down. It has now been revealed that a group of individuals within ERR known as “The Benefactors” were behind this idea.

Sagittarius Eye can confirm ERR’s leader, Holiday Primus, ejected these individuals from the group and made the following statement:

“During the start of our campaign we were contacted by a group of Individuals that called themselves ‘the Benefactors’. Recently they have shown their true colours. They are hostile tricksters. We have removed their presence from our group and do not associate ourselves with them any more.”

‘UA Bombing’ as it’s commonly known – using Thargoid Sensors to shut down station services – has been on the rise recently with the introduction of larger corrosive resistant cargo racks. To date, the Fuel Rats, Canonn and several other Pilots Federation groups have been hit. No solid evidence of links between these attacks has yet been established, but groups citing sympathies with the Thargoids publicly claimed responsibility for the attack on Canonn’s HQ last month.

Reported by Icarus Maru

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