After the apparent failure of the Aegis Eagle Eye stations earlier this month, the Canonn Research Group established ‘Hrafnagud’s Eye’ as an independent project to identify the target of Thargoid incursions in the Bubble.

Operation Hrafnagud’s Eye seems to have been successful, as a few minutes ago the first Non-Human Signal Sources were confirmed in both Kunuvii and 32 C Piscium, six days after the expected appearance. The reasons for this delay are entirely unknown.

Combat pilots are encouraged to converge on the 32 C Piscium system and attack the Octagonal Menace wherever they appear, and to coordinate with either the Anti-Xeno Initiative or Canonn Research on defensive patrols.

Questions are being asked by members of the Pilots Federation about the role Aegis will play as the situation develops.

Reported by Louis Calvert

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