Solo Cobra Takes Out Thargoid Basilisk

After the several accounts of Thargoid Cyclops ships being taken down by solo small ships, Commander AlikCZ takes on the challenge of fighting a Thargoid Basilisk solo with a lower ranked ship. The extraordinary deed was done in a simple Cobra MK III. The ship was armed with two Guardian…
Sagittarius Eye
April 10, 3304

Thargoid Protector Hunted Down

Over the last two days Commander Truffle-Shuffle has been the target of a hunt by as many as 45 members of the Pilots Federation.  He is responsible murdering pilots who hunt Thargoids. Labelled as a "traitor of humanity", this Commander has been attacking anyone he finds equipped with AX weaponry,…
Sagittarius Eye
March 27, 3304

To Save: HIP 21559 or Irandan?

Thanks to the work of Aegis and members of the Pilots Federation, it seems that it's now possible to predict where the Thargoids will strike next. This compelling theory is still a work in progress, but the events of last week in Huveang De do suggest that by intercepting Thargoid…
Sagittarius Eye
March 19, 3304

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