This morning the dire predictions of doom came true, as reported by Commander Factabulous:

[Irandan] now has a rescue ship and the support ship Acropolis is still in-system.

HIP 21559 (also indicated by Eagle Eye) has been spared.

First attack on a starport without an Aegis Lab, first attack predicted by Eagle Eye.

Glaskov Terminal in Irandan was one of the two targets identified in last week’s Eagle Eye transmissions. The other system identified, HIP 21559, was the focus of the majority of the defensive efforts by members of the Pilot’s Federation, with Thargoid ships being intercepted and destroyed in droves by hundreds of combat pilots.

The focus of Thargoid aggression has moved on for now, Early indications are that the Mentor and Lunguni systems will be the new targets. Work on decoding the latest transmissions is still underway. The Canonn group maintain a list of decoded transmissions once they are verified.

Combat pilots are encouraged to monitor all frequencies to co-ordinate defensive patrols in the target systems to prevent further station attacks.


(Updated to include the second station location)

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