Aegis Support Carriers on Station in HIP 21559 and Irandan

Aegis Support Carriers on Station in HIP 21559 and Irandan
March 20, 3304 Sagittarius Eye

The Aegis support carriers Vanguard (HIP 21559) and Acropolis (Irandan) remain on-station in both systems offering repair, rearming and mission services to bolster the effectiveness of combat pilots operating in the area.

Aegis formed in August 3303 with a remit of research and investigation, but soon expanded further into weapons and defence technology, a move that was met with more than a little resistance from the independent pilots of the Core Systems.

“Aegis has received sanctions from the leaders of all three superpowers to focus not only on research, but also on defence. This reflects a belief that Aegis, which includes some of the galaxy’s foremost experts on non-human life, is best positioned to coordinate such efforts.”

With the discovery that capital-class ships are still vulnerable to Thargoid shutdown fields, it must be noted that the crews of these Aegis carriers are risking their lives to maintain mobile support operations in font-line star systems.

The Aegis carrier Vanguard on station in 21559

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