The Golconda

On the 5th of November 3305, a new generation ship, the Golconda, was discovered in the Upaniklis system, distantly orbiting planet B 3. The commander who made the discovery, Cmdr Malic, was in the area investigating an anomalous call for supplies after the recent crop blight outbreak. This turned out…
Sagittarius Eye
November 8, 3305

Tiangong Anniversary – On This Day in History

Today in history, 1286 years ago, a space station crashed into planet Earth. While in modern times this would be a horrific catastrophe, back then humanity had just made it's first steps into space and Tiangong I - the Earth country of China's first prototype space station - was one…
Sagittarius Eye
April 2, 3304

The Lost Communist Paradise of Enaness

Today Commander Sapyx sent out a message to the Galactic community highlighting an apparent "missing planet" discovered in the pages of an old publication, but not present on any modern star chart: Much has been made in recent years of "the missing" - colony ships that disappeared out into the black,…
Sagittarius Eye
March 12, 3304

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