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The crash of The Gnosis

Canonn Research Group’s ship The Gnosis crashed into a civilian installation in the HIP 23759 system this week. Although no serious damage occurred, The Gnosis was wedged between the installation, and with much wiggling was eventually freed. There is much speculation as to why and how the crash happened; one…
Sagittarius Eye
December 10, 3305

The Golconda

On the 5th of November 3305, a new generation ship, the Golconda, was discovered in the Upaniklis system, distantly orbiting planet B 3. The commander who made the discovery, Cmdr Malic, was in the area investigating an anomalous call for supplies after the recent crop blight outbreak. This turned out…
Sagittarius Eye
November 8, 3305
Cmdrs EventShips

Full Throttle at Pareco

Racing fans have much to celebrate this week after the conclusion of yet another thrilling time trial race in the system of Pareco.  Approximately eleven-thousand light seconds from the main star of the system is a set of six space stations all in relatively close proximity. The challenge that pilots…
Sagittarius Eye
October 17, 3305

Sol to Colonia Record Stomped

The impressive record recently set by Commander St4r Fox for the shortest time from the Bubble to Colonia of merely one hour and fifty minutes has been broken. Commander Steve Falken has managed to beat this time by a little over twelve minutes from take-off from the pad in Sol…
Sagittarius Eye
September 19, 3305
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Fleet Carriers heading our way

The Pilots’ Federation has announced a new tool to be made available to independent pilots across the Galaxy later this year.    Fleet Carriers will be a new type of capital ship that pilots can purchase. These vessels can serve a wide variety of functions including mining, exploration, bounty hunting,…
Sagittarius Eye
August 23, 3305

337 light year jump record

On March 11th, 3304 — as previously reported by this news outlet — Cmdr Oscar Gunther achieved a stunning light year jump record with his Anaconda: 294.12 light years. In fact, the Anaconda was engineered to jump 294.29 light years.   Last week, on June 4th, this same commander achieved…
Sagittarius Eye
June 14, 3305

“EDDI 3.0” Underground COVAS Extension Released

Commanders Ky Vatta, T'kael and Hoodathunk have announced the release version 3.0 of EDDI, the popular underground COVAS extension. EDDI is a significant and customisable upgrade to your shipboard COVAS personality sim, available at any starport and even out in the black via Subspace Torrented File Upgrade. CMDR Ky Vatta…
Sagittarius Eye
April 24, 3304

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