Utopian proxy hits back at Hudson

Following the surprise turmoil in Pranav Antal’s territory this week caused by the rogue Federal outfit Lupus Dei, a group of Utopian sympathisers have attacked the Federal President’s forces in Nanomam.   As covered earlier in the week, the crack team of underminers Lupus Dei have triggered widespread turmoil in…
Sagittarius Eye
May 28, 3305

Powerplay report – Cycle 208

Congratulations to Princess Aisling Duval who moved to the top of the GalNet galactic power standing boards at the end of cycle 207. Exactly how this standing is calculated, and what it means to be in the lead, has long been a subject of debate and theory for political observers.…
Sagittarius Eye
May 27, 3305
Current AffairsPolitics

War in Terra Mater

For the second time this month, Terra Mater is at war — the continuation of a long conflict that suggests, as pilots arrive from across the Galaxy, a significance greater than the agricultural system’s twenty-five million inhabitants and four stations might suggest.   Located on the edge of Utopian space,…
Sagittarius Eye
May 26, 3305

Antal thrown into turmoil

Simguru Pranav Antal’s Utopia was thrown into a deep turmoil this morning, as unfortified systems saw tremendous undermining late in the cycle. Nine profitable systems are now at risk of revolt, and with the Simguru’s logistics pilots forced to dig out of a 2,287 Command Capital (CC) deficit, preventing at…
Sagittarius Eye
May 23, 3305

Nova Imperium conquers Yupini

The isolationist group Nova Imperium has taken control of the Yupini system.   At the Battle of Paresa in January 3305, Nova Imperium’s armada was defeated by Imperial loyalists led by the corporate faction Yupini Limited. Their leader, self-styled ‘Imperator’ Mordanticus, was captured in the battle and executed by Denton…
Sagittarius Eye
May 22, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 207

The Federation’s push continues, with both the President and Shadow President taking control of systems at the end of cycle 206 and both preparing systems for expansion in 207. Winters took control of Lula for 44 Command Capital (CC), while Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135 now gives Hudson an extra 40CC,…
May 21, 3305
Cmdrs EventPolitics

New coalition of independents formed

Lucifer Wolfgang of the Mercs of Mikunn announced yesterday a new political organisation comprised of a number of major independent factions across inhabited space. This Coalition is, according to Wolfgang, a “greater mutual defence and aid pact to counter any threats from the Empire, Federation, Alliance, aliens, and disaster.”  …
Sagittarius Eye
May 15, 3305

Powerplay Report – Cycle 206

Last cycle saw Imperial forces brought to a standstill by both Federation and independent forces. There was a lot of fighting in both Winters and Hudson’s targeted expansion systems. Winters-aligned cargo haulers faced their most significant resistance in a while and had to be quick on their feet, calling in…
Sagittarius Eye
May 14, 3305
Pilots FederationPolitics

Aisling Wing Command takes home the gold

Aisling Wing Command (AWC) has come top in the Powerplay category in the most recent squadrons rankings. The rankings, compiled by the Pilots Federation, reward and recognise efforts of squadrons in several different fields. AWC Group Captain Andalyn told us: “AWC is a small undermining and opposition-focused squadron for Aisling…
Sagittarius Eye
May 7, 3305

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