Dictator Yuri Grom’s power remains in deep trouble after all five systems that were in turmoil last cycle went into complete revolt, refunding 51 CC to Archon Delaine, 17 CC to Zachary Hudson, and 16 CC to Edmund Mahon. All the systems were moderately profitable, and the loss of their income, combined with massive enemy undermining, placed another nineteen systems into turmoil this cycle. While a few are slight loss-makers, the majority are profitable, and so far this cycle Grom’s enemies have continued the pressure. At the time of writing, thirteen systems are fully undermined, five systems have been cancelled (both undermined and fortified) and only one system has been fortified without opposition. This undermining, combined with the loss of income from the systems in turmoil, means GalNet predicts Grom ending on -4100 Command Capital (CC), even lower than last cycle’s total, and without massive fortification all the turmoiled systems will revolt, causing more to go into turmoil, continuing what is known as a “cascade turmoil” over more cycles.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval faced a last-minute “snipe” and failed her expansion to Caerape. This will cause her little grief, since the system would have cost her 20 CC per cycle and appeared to give no tactical advantage.


After a ferocious battle-all cycle, President Zachary Hudson narrowly succeeded in expanding to Rati Irtii against unfavourable triggers, with a combined total of nearly 700,000 merits being turned in by both sides. While the system is a slight lossmaker, it also removes 8 CC from Hudson’s old enemy Grom. Interestingly it does so from the system of Misisture, which is currently in turmoil, and if that system revolts, Rati Irtii will become profitable. Hudson is currently expanding to Ptah, a “weaponised” system that will cost both him and Denton Patreus over 30 CC each, and at the moment has a nearly unopposed lead. Should Hudson succeed in Ptah, he will cut off future attempts by Patreus to take Moirai.


Shadow President Felicia Winters also expanded by a narrow margin to the moderately profitable system of Malgariji, although with only 150,000 merits total it was a rather more relaxed affair. Winters is now expanding to the marginally profitable system of HIP 39908 and at the time of writing has a comfortable lead with no significant opposition.


Zemina Torval attempted to expand to Mado, a weaponised system that would cost her 79 CC and Winters 43 CC per cycle, but this was firmly crushed by a comfortable margin of around 60,000 merits. Torval is trying again with the system of Areklici with nearly the same costs to both sides, and currently trails by the same margin.


The Sirius Corporation and Li Yong-Rui are attempting to expand to Tsongoris, however this removes 22 CC from their total and also contests 16 CC from Hudson, who they have shown no previous aggression towards. It is believed that this expansion is the work of either saboteurs or pilots working without central control.


At the time of this report, all the powers had either consolidated, or had not made any clear move in preparing systems for expansion, though they are expected to do so closer to the end of the cycle.


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