Aegis Research, the once-massive multipower agency, has lost the war against AXI for the control of their last system in the Pleiades star cluster.


Cmdr Mackenheimer of the AXI told us:

“AXI is currently engaged in a war with Aegis Research for control of Aegis’ last station in the Pleiades. Once this war is won, the great multipower agency known as Aegis will be relegated to a minor power. The AX community will be in control of the entire Pleiades Nebula.”


The last battle between these two factions happened around Ieyasu Dock in Pleiades Sector PD-S b4-0, between the 4th and the 9th of September. Aegis now have no presence in the Pleiades, the main battleground with the Thargoids, whom they were formed to oppose. 


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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