After three cycles, Dictator Yuri Grom has exited turmoil with a surplus of 149 Command Capital (CC). However, his battlefleet was forced to abandon Umaitis and Derrim. Their loss reduced his domain’s per-system overheads, for a total gain of 308 CC. With these cost savings, Grom’s forces were able to restore order in the one other system which was in turmoil, VVO 19.


The end of this turmoil can largely be explained by the potency of reduced per-system overheads granted to powers with fewer than 55 control systems. In addition, approximately one quarter million merits worth of undermining was done, showing the other Powers’ fading interest in Grom’s turmoil. The EG Union now has a firm hold on its remaining powerhouses, most of which were untouched by the turmoil. 


Of the three systems which were at risk in the previous cycle, only Umaitis would have been profitable at maximum per-system overheads, by just 3 CC. Derrim and VVO 19 would make a loss of 3 and 9 CC, respectively. Derrim’s loss also meant 22 CC from contested systems was returned to Edmund Mahon, while VVO 19’s loss would have returned 22 CC to Archon Delaine.


Shadow President Felicia Winters completed her expansion into Belgitan, a system which was lost during Operation Valentine, and was prepared several times by Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s forces. At maximum overheads, the system is worth 9 CC, but with her current overheads it contributes 22 CC. There was quite some interest in the system, as the opposition fought Winters’ aid campaign for 259,500 merits. The campaign managed to sway the people of Belgitan due to the delivery of 391,501 Liberal Federal Aid packages. The campaign was helped by local corporations, which made her opposition have to work 14.97% harder.


Senator Zemina Torval again failed to expand her trade network to Mado, where it was designed to interfere with Felicia Winters’ aid network. If successful, it would have harmed Winters by 43 CC and cost Torval 79 CC. Activity was somewhat higher than last time, but it was again opposed with a lead of 101,611 merits. Continuing the assault, Torval has prepared Amitae with 12,936 Trade Agreements at the very end of the last cycle. At the cost of 95 CC to herself, Amitae would harm Winters by 19 CC. Just like in her other expansion attempts, local corporations make the expansion easier.


President Zachary Hudson successfully concluded his expansion to NLTT 46403, where his forces earned 543,980 merits for fighting the system resistance. His opposition was only able to earn 27,030 merits fighting the private military contractors. NLTT 46403 has improved Hudson’s default deficit by 20 CC; it now stands at -325 CC. This cycle, he has the opportunity to expand to Rho Capricorni, which could ease his deficit by another 35 CC. Local dictatorships are making his forces work twice as hard as his opposition, but at writing he has a lead of approximately 100,000 merits.


Pirate King Archon Delaine was able to prepare an expansion to Madyanmana, which covers the most profitable region lost by Yuri Grom in his recent turmoil. With 146,482 Smuggling Programs, many of which were delivered early in the cycle, the Kumo Crew was able to deter the other Powers which had an interest in this area. Due to the system’s distance from Archon Delaine’s headquarters in Harma, the Kumo Crew will have to fight 41.78% harder than his opposition. SimGuru Pranav Antal is likely to be opposing the Kumo Crew, as two currently-Utopian systems would become contested by the expansion, costing 18 CC.


Prime Minister Edmund Mahon prepared the modestly profitable Picunche with 71,918 Trade Agreements, delivered late in the cycle. He previously expanded to the system in cycle 37 and held it until the conclusion of cycle 45’s turmoil. Due to the distance from Edmund Mahon’s headquarters in Gateway his diplomats will have to work 52.71% harder than their opposition.


Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Aisling Duval, Li Yong-Rui, Felicia Winters, Denton Patreus and Pranav Antal decided to consolidate last cycle and as a result have no expansion available. Expansions to more of Grom’s lost regions will likely be prepared towards the end of cycle, so keep your eye on GalNet.


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