The focus of last cycle was again on Dictator Yuri Grom and the Pirate King Archon Delaine. Delaine was already in turmoil, and successfully shed three loss-making systems: Panjabell, Oxlahatta and Hiranyaksha, saving him a total of 222 Command Capital (CC) per cycle. Delaine remains at negative CC with the profitable system Matucanth in turmoil. However, with strong fortification and low undermining, GalNet predicts he is heading to be back in control next cycle without losing Matucanth.


Meanwhile Grom entered turmoil, automatically failing the four expansions in progress (Meidubi, LTT 5131, Ngobogdii, Ongkatavi). The turmoil is shallow, with only the profitable system of Nauo actually in danger. Grom also has four new expansions in progress; all of them are costly to Grom (total 198 CC per cycle), and some contest the systems of Edmund Mahon (29 CC) and Shadow President Felicia Winters (81 CC). At the time of writing all of the expansions are moving very slowly, with neither side reaching 100% yet in any of them. However, since Grom expands by combat, there may be substantial “snipes” on both sides being held that are not shown on GalNet. In addition, both fortification and undermining for Grom has been almost absent, and GalNet’s prediction for the Power is right on the edge between continuing to turmoil and emerging from it. This situation will no doubt evolve rapidly nearer the end of the cycle.


Edmund Mahon successfully expanded to the system of Ophiuchii with little opposition, earning him 2 CC per cycle.


Emperor Arissa Lavingy-Duval failed to expand to Caerape with a last-minute snipe. This was expected as the system is unprofitable, and poor triggers means it has been used before as a placeholder expansion to defeat saboteurs. Similarly, Li Yong-Rui’s expansion to Baliscii was also unprofitable and had difficult triggers, and was also easily defeated.


Zemina Torval is trying for the third time to expand to Areklici. If successful it would cost Torval 70 CC and Winters 39 CC, but is already facing stiff opposition, currently losing by 175,000 merits.


Winters failed to expand to Breksta by a wide margin. Although it was marginally profitable, it would have contested 12 CC with Li Yong-Rui and 6 CC with Hudson, and it was likely not welcome or intended. In addition, Winters won a preparation race with Denton Patreus and put HIP 103138 into expansion. It would cost her dearly and contest CC from Delaine, but it appeared to be a late push intended to block Patreus’ preparation of the nearby BD-17 6081, which would have cost Patreus 50 CC per cycle and contested 29 CC with Delaine and 49 CC with Hudson. At time of writing, the expansion in HIP 103138 is a draw with neither side having met the 100% mark.


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