These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


The difficulty of finding Non-Human Signal Sources might indicate that the Thargoids are stepping up their game. In fact, attacks on five of the six systems identified last week by Eagle Eye were successful.

In spite of this situation, the Pilots’ Federation remains optimistic, especially after last week’s victories (see our previous story on this).


Currently, five starbases are in need of evacuation:

Bradfield Ring in HR 826

Carroll Station in Opet

Slackagers’ Hangout in Exigus

Thome Gateway in HIP 16607

Zebrowski Orbital in HIP 17272


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted this week: Er Longs, Judumlia, LDS 883, Ngobe, Nu Kuang and Obamumbo. If Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors are seen in these systems, they should be destroyed to prevent the systems falling into incursion.


There are currently three systems suffering Thargoid incursion:

Significant Presence: HIP 17272

Marginal Presence: HIP 826, Opet


Suitably-equipped commanders are encouraged to head to these locations.


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