These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


Thargoid forces have amassed in three systems in the Pleiades star cluster, and a further system — Maia — has seen localised Thargoid attacks. 

Maia hosts professor Ishmael Palin’s Research Centre, which has ceased research operations. No services are available at the research base at the time of writing, and it has ceased enforcing its no-fire zone. Staff there have been evacuated to the megaship Carson’s Spring

Massive Thargoid presence is reported in systems Atlas, Electra and Taygeta. Commander 100.Rub, speaking on behalf of the Anti-Xeno Initiative (AXI), broadcast this message: 

“As we predicted, Thargoids have returned to human space, and did so in force. We have recalled our expedition team from the Witch Head Nebula and our forces are now protecting Palin’s ship around the clock. Three systems under Incursion also show an unusually high concentration of Thargoid Interceptors, and we intend to take advantage of this by organising a massive counter-offensive. We ask everyone to accompany us and deliver a devastating blow to the enemy forces.”


This counter-offensive will gather in the Asterope system at 16:00 UTC today, Friday 19th. It will be coordinated over voice comms on the AXI hub. The AXI has indicated that the operation is likely to be very dangerous, and encourages pilots looking to take part to bring a highly-capable anti-xeno ship.


Rescue vessels should also head to those systems. Currently, three starbases require evacuation services:

  • Cyllene Orbital in Atlas
  • Cavalieri in Electra
  • Titan’s Daughter in Taygeta


The AXI has requested that evacuation and defence efforts be prioritized for Cavalieri and Titan’s Daughter.

The Eagle-Eye system has, again, failed to detect or report systems with Thargoid presence.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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