These are the latest developments in the Thargoid invasion.


Last week, the Thargoids launched a surprise attack in the Pleiades and Witch Head Nebula, damaging starports in several systems.

This Incursion was beaten back quickly, with the first two systems being cleared within a day, and the rest in under 50 hours.


Station repairs are underway, with a live list of required commodities available through GalNet.

Operation Ida are currently targeting Artemis Lodge in Celaeno for repair deliveries. 


The Eagle Eye early warning system has indicated that the following systems have been targeted this week: 

  • EE2 – HR 1183 
  • EE3 – ELECTRA 
  • EE4 – HIP 1185
  • EE5 – TAYGETA 


If Thargoid Scouts and Interceptors are seen in these systems, they should be destroyed to prevent the systems falling into incursion.


There are currently no systems suffering Thargoid incursion.


Suitably-equipped commanders are encouraged to head to these locations.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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