Shadow President Felicia Winters is making an effort to reclaim territory lost at the end of her turmoil in cycle 235. Four systems were prepared with 62,000 down to 50,000 merits each by the end of the previous cycle; two being profitable and two weaponised against Imperial Powers. The consolidation vote was set to allow the top four systems to become expansions, but cycle 239’s ending balance could only cover the preparation cost of the top two.


As a result, Winters has two expansions active this cycle; one profitable and one weaponised. HIP 38747 is worth 37 Command Capital (CC) to Winters at maximum overheads and has favourable triggers which requires her opposition to put in 2.27 times more merits to counter. Lazdongand weaponises into Aisling for 65 CC; its triggers are more difficult and would require Winters to put in 2.32 times more merits than the opposition to succeed.


Simguru Pranav Antal failed in his profitable expansion attempt to San Guan, which would have earned him 34 CC. As Utopia expands via combat, there were more cases of direct confrontation between commanders who support the Simguru and their counterparts in the Kumo Crew. Archon Delaine’s Kumo Crew may have been motivated to compete with their neighbour as they have controlled San Guan in the past, before Grom and after Mahon. 115,000 merits were put into the opposition and Antal would have needed 270,000 more expansion merits to succeed.


Dictator Yuri Grom is out of turmoil with no control systems lost.


President Zachary Hudson failed in his weaponised expansion attempt to Panorua which would have contested Aisling and Zemina for a respective 56 and 10 CC. It was opposed with 297,000 merits, a comfortable 131,000 merits more than required. This cycle, Hudson is expanding to Caspatsuria which costs him 35 CC and contests Aisling, Torval and Lavigny-Duval for a respective 55, 8 and 6 CC. Triggers are slightly against him, requiring him to put in 1.24 times more merits to succeed.


Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval failed in her weaponised expansion attempt to L 206-187, which would have contested Hudson and Grom for 101 and 6 CC respectively. It was opposed with 527,000 merits and would have required 879,364 more expansion merits to succeed.


Senator Zemina Torval also failed with her weaponised expansion into LHS 184 which would have contested Hudson for 55 CC. The opposition totalled 259,000 merits and would have required 73,000 more expansion merits to be overcome.


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