Racing fans have much to celebrate this week after the conclusion of yet another thrilling time trial race in the system of Pareco

Approximately eleven-thousand light seconds from the main star of the system is a set of six space stations all in relatively close proximity. The challenge that pilots from across the galaxy rose to was simply to set off with the fastest ships possible, landing and taking off from as many starports as they can within a time limit. 


Commanders competed in one of two classes: An unlimited class, which allowed pilots to fly any small or medium class vessel, modified to their heart’s content; and a regulation class Viper Mk III, a spec racing vessel with the aim of creating a more uniform playing field.


The winners were as follows:

Unlimited class, in reverse order:

3rd place – Cmdr Bruski piloting the Beast of America Viper Mk III, achieving 19 stops in 20 minutes and 56 seconds.

2nd place – Cmdr Aken B. piloting the Spirit of Shenanigan Viper Mk III, setting a 19 stop run in 20 minute 48 seconds.

1st place – Cmdr Alot piloting the Baskmobile Imperial Courier, streaking in with a 19 stop run in a blistering 20 minutes and 35 seconds. 


Regulation Viper class, in reverse order:

3rd place – Cmdr Aken B. (the only dual class podium finisher) flew the Hula Loop around 16 stops in 21 minutes and 5 seconds.

2nd place – Captain-MD piloted his Pareco Racing Viper around 16 stops in 20 minutes and 23 seconds. 

1st place – Cmdr Elastul Ma’fer, piloting the Vector completed a 16 stop run in 20 minutes and 21 seconds.

Congratulations are in order for the skilled racing pilots that competed the brisk time trial. The BuckyBall racing league has many competitions across the year and invites commanders to partake in the high-octane action. Be on the lookout for future events.


Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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