Cmdr Juicewayne, who started his exploration career last October, considers himself a novice yet intrepid space pilot. His first confirmed discovery of Gyre Tree Anomalies in the LYED YJ-I D9-0 system followed the observation that those anomalies are more likely to spawn in systems with terraformable worlds. Gyre Trees consist of a central core with twelve symmetrical limbs extending from it.

Gyre Tree

Gyre Tree

Gyre Trees

Cmdr Juicewayne told Sagittarius Eye that he plans on whole nebula exploration trips: “I cannot believe every single star in these nebulas has not been visited already.”


When asked how he managed his discovery, this is what he had to say:

“I had been checking out the Codex, and noticed a Gyre Tree Anomaly was spotted, but at the time I was hanging around Sag A* and decided to stay there. After four weeks had passed with still no confirmation on the anomaly, I decided I had to do it myself. We can say I planned on it, but I had to use eight FSD injections to get un-stuck from some systems.”


As he has fallen in love with the pilot career, he has already invested considerably in new video and photographic equipment to better share his voyages and discoveries. We asked him to provide some advice to other novice commanders:

“One thing I feel important to note about my process, is that I like to take my time looking around. Some things can be small or elusive so you have to sort of soak everything in or else you will miss a potentially interesting thing right in front of your face. I bet all of us pass by all sorts of stuff all the time, without noticing. But when I need to get somewhere fast, I ignore everything and rush.”


Cmdr Juicewayne and Cmdr LegalPyro worked together discovering Stolon Tree Anomalies, which you can see below, and consist of multiple bulbous, bioluminescent limbs growing from a central cluster.

Stolon Tree

Stolon Tree

Stolon Trees

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