Commander William J Smith has raised questions about the long-term effectiveness of the intelligence generated by the Eagle Eye stations. In between combat patrols the Pilots Federation member took to the data nets to share some of his unease about the new monitoring stations.

“Am I the only one to have a bad feeling about the eagle eye program? That its listening in on Thargoid chatter and getting us the data needed to work out where the next attack will be.

After a couple of weeks the Thargoids will work out we’re listening in…. and change their chatter/codes or take out the eagle eyes………. or feed them false info saying they will be at <X> system when in fact they are assaulting <y> system…..

Taking everyone there by surprise…..”

The Eagle Eye data, listening in on Thargoid ‘chatter’, has already been used to help direct combat pilots to several systems teeming with Thargoid ships and many expect this pattern to continue for some time yet.

Some, like Cmdr Dodger, have pointed out that if the Thargoids are truly clever they’ll be able to listen in to our comms, and maybe turn the tables on us.

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