Commander Picard, galactic explorer, has just hit a record of 1,000 days of continuous exploration in deep space as part of Mission Farsight, an expedition to go where no one has gone before. 

Picard hit this prestigious milestone on the 16th of September, 3305. He has been in deep space since January of 3302, and plans to complete his fourth year in around three months’ time. During this time, Picard has traveled hundreds of thousands of light years, scooped hundreds of thousands of tons of fuel, and made tens of thousands of frame shift jumps. He has shared a near-constant stream of images and status updates on his broadcast feed. 

Many in the galactic community celebrated Picard’s 1,000th day, including legendary Commander David Braben. Picard himself shared an image of fireworks viewed from the bridge of his trusty Beluga, the Hermes. Celebrations were centred around the Gateway Nebula.

Mission Farsight is set to complete its fourth year in January. We expect to hear soon whether Picard will continue his record-setting exploration for another year.

Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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