Dictator Yuri Grom’s forces emerged from turmoil with the loss of only two systems – Lundji and Latugara. Both were profitable and contributed a combined 47 Command Capital (CC) when his administration held more than 54 control systems. As these losses take Grom down from 51 to 49 control systems, cost-savings in overheads dampen his losses. Overall, Grom’s default balance saw a net increase of 137 CC and now stands at 805 CC. As is standard for powers in turmoil, Grom’s expansion to Meidubi also failed.


Zemina Torval’s continuing attempts to expand to Areklici were foiled again, beaten by 150,000 merits. The system would have cost Torval 70 CC and Shadow President Felicia Winters 39 CC. Torval is now attempting four new expansions contesting Winters, President Zachary Hudson, and Pirate King Archon Delaine. At the time of writing none are likely to succeed, with only HIP 114702 showing any real effort from Torval. Combined they would remove 35 CC from Winters, 70 CC from Hudson, 88 CC from Delaine, and 235 CC from Torval (all numbers assume maximum overheads).


Princess Aisling Duval is making a rare attempt at expansion. The system of Wilintae does contest 26 CC with Winters, but would cost the Princess 94 CC and has extremely unfavourable triggers, and the attempt is currently predicted to fail. Such unlikely expansion targets are typically used by powers as “safe” systems to prevent saboteurs from preparing more costly expansions.


Winters is again expanding to the heavily weaponised system of Baal, which would cost her forces 74 CC at maximum overheads and cost Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval’s forces 115 CC. With triggers 5:1 against expansion, at the time of writing this shows little hope of success. As with Duval, it is likely the Shadow President intends this more as an internal stability measure rather than as a serious attack.


By way of contrast, Lavigny-Duval expanded to Caerape despite unfavourable triggers, and having failed twice in the past. By default the system actually loses the Emperor 20 CC, but with fortification can be persuaded to make a tiny profit. This cycle the system of Lopemakinn is also under expansion and it has similarly poor triggers and low profitability, but the expansion is currently succeeding. It is unclear whether these systems were intended as deliberate expansions, or whether, as with Winters and Duval, they were “safety” systems that have backfired on Lavigny-Duval.


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