This April, The Buckyball Racing Club have a new race in-progress, running until midnight 8th April 3304. The race starts from either Poisson Orbital in Kappa or Poisson Enterprise in Trevakat and requires pilots to visit at least 4 of the 16 available waypoints en-route.

There’s a number of optional challenges which can be completed for an additional time bonus including carrying fish, flying without shields and “causing a canister of fish to come into contact with another ship”.

The aim of Buckyball-style races is to be as inclusive as possible. The features of these races are:

  • In systems accessible to all – no permit-locked systems
  • Can be run at any time – time-trial / checkpoint-style races, that can be run at any time within the race period.
  • OK to run repeatedly – part of the excitement is trying to improve on your time!
  • Open to any ship – check the rules of each event

Full details of the race (including how to take part) can be found here.

Reported by Alec Turner

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