Last Sunday, Operation Ida completed repairs at Hooke Gateway in LHS 6187, marking 100 stations repaired by the group. 

To celebrate, they are hosting an event over their communications hub starting on the 14th of February and running all weekend, with prizes available for participating commanders.


Commenting on this achievement, commander Ninj said:

As a community, 100 stations repaired is a massive milestone. Station repair is not the most glamorous activity and yet we are lucky to have attracted so many people to our cause. We have a great community of people and we also have many fantastic groups who work with us and help promote us, including many groups who we can happily refer to as both friends and allies. This is going to be a celebration of all of that.


We’re inviting everyone to come and do what we do best — station repair. We’re simply planning on having a bit of a party while doing it — and we have some things people can win just for participating. All you need to do is be part of our Discord and register some deliveries to whichever station we’re repairing.

All information for commanders wanting to participate is available at Operation Ida’s communications hub.

Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team

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