Operation Ida, a group specialising in the delivery of commodities to stations under repair to aid their reconstruction, has launched a new tool to aid commanders in the tracking of deliveries. Each station that has been attacked by Thargoids has a wide range of commodity requirements to return it to an operational state that has, until now, been difficult to manage.


On the 12th of March, the group announced on their social communications network, used for the organisation and socialisation of members, that a new program has been developed. In the past members would have to hand log each delivery, down to the detail of at what time they did it, so that the tracking systems can calculate what materials need priority and those that have been fully completed. Some commanders have the luxury of using a side-loaded voice recognition program on their ship, however this still requires the commander to remember to actually activate it.


Now, a new application has been developed that will link up with your Pilots’ Federation and social communications accounts, which will log everything for you without you needing to hit anything apart from the “Sell Commodity” button. All that is required of the commander to use it is to take a few seconds to load up the site and log in. The system checks every 3 minutes for new cargo sold by the commander, and logs progress; updating the task list accordingly. You don’t even need to keep the website open for the system to function. It will keep checking until 90 minutes after the site is closed and 90 minutes after the logging of your last delivery. 


Within the announcement for this amazing tool, credit was given to Commander Cyborgdoom for building and hosting of the program, and thanks were given to the beta testers of the system. It was also noted that should you already use the voice software for this activity, it is not compatible with the program, and whilst it may continue to work in the short term, commanders are recommended to make the switch to the new system.


Any commanders wishing to utilise the tool can find it at its own site, located here: http://app.operationida.com .


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